Flexible Production Mode

Production Capability

Fast changing market requires strong while flexible enough Production system, to minimize customer's market risk. Installing and launching Digital Manufacturing System and Lean Production, Ace-Tec is responding to various kinds of supply requirements with high efficiency.

Precision Mold

1.20+ Mold Machines
2.Precise Dimension control, 0.01mm tolerance
3.High Appearance Requirement
4.Short Mold lead time, 25 days for trial shot

Quality Injection

1.27+ Injection Machines, from 60T to 250T
2.Precise Dimension control, 0.02mm tolerance
3.Quality High Glossy Mirror-surface achievable

Flexible and Reliable Assembly

1.18+ Digital Production Lines
2.200+ Multi-skilled workers
3.100% On-line Full Inspection

Private Production Line

To secure big enough production capability for stable demands with volume.

Flexible Production

Using flexible production line formed by multi-skilled workers to supply Multi items at Less volume.

Intelligent Workshop

Ace-Tec's manufacturing system has been enhanced in an all-round way,so the flexible manufacturing management is realized, and the quality and production efficiency are constantly improved.
  • Intelligent centralized control center

    Through the information integration and the equipment interconnection, Ace-Tec has realized the centralized management of the whole process and is able to find/correct abnormal process in time, ensuring the quality and stability of its production chain.

  • Automated Guided Vehicle

    The automatic distribution system of components ensures the smooth operation of the manufacturing process.