Quality Assurance

Zero Defect, Preventive Actions, In-process Confirmation, Afterwards Review

Quality Philosophy:

1Defect =250 Lost customers.
Securing quality output is the fundamental issue to keep our survival. Impose quality conceptand in-process controlmethods into full Value Chain, share quality responsibility to all staff.

Global Certification

International Certifications on Quality system, Product Certification, RoHS/REECH and Social Responsibility, etc.

  • KC Certification

  • CE Certification

  • PSE Certification

  • FCC Certification

  • 3C Certification


Design Quality Validation, quality assurance from very beginning.
  • Develop Validation Plan

    Validation Plan is developed based on each item's specific requirements, including: Testing Plan, Testing standards, Testing Timepoints, etc.

    Carry out Validation

    At each time gate during design process, carry out complete validation plan to find all potential risks or failures.

    Close Risks/Failures

    Closely follow up countermeasures to ensure all risks/failures are efficiently closed before Mass Production.

  • Skin Checker
  • CMM, Coordinaten Measuring Machine
  • Constant Temperature and Humidity Chamber
  • CCT, Cyclic Corrosion Test
  • More information on Testing Lab.


Raw Material Quality

Establish a complete supplier management system to ensure the quality of raw materials.
Supplier Management System
Incoming Inspection
  • Battery Performance Test
  • Motor Noise Detection
  • PCB Detection

Production Quality

By preventive checking before production and 100% in-process checking to make sure output quality.

  • Before production, Preventive Checking.

    In production, all items 100% checked by LQC.

    In production,Quality Data monitored by PQC.

    After production, AQL inspection by OQC on finished goods.