Bionic Head Massager HM-02

Product Summary
• Deep scalp cleaning The four fingers will squeeze out the sebum inside
the pores,and the little bump in the middle will scrape the dirt. 

• Approx 43,200 rotation per minute(240 bumps x 180 rotations per min) . 

• Face lifting up The Massaging attachment is designed with shape to 
manifest human fingers in order to give an aesthetic treatment to 
release the tense in the scalp. 

• When used on face,it will lift up the eye area,mouth,and forehead. 

• Relaxing Massage Also to be used on shoulders and neck for relaxing 
Product Introduction Specs

Waterproof:IPX 7,free for usage in shower

Rechargeable:Yes,Li-ion Battery

Unit Dimension:130x70x83 mm Unit Weight:227g

Charging Time:2-3 hours fast charging Usage After Charging:30 minutes

Auto Power Off:5 minutes Selectable Accessories:Scalp cleansing attachment Face massaging attachment