Anti-wrinkle Eye Massager SR-06C

Product Summary
• Streamline product image,cute and easy for holding. 

• Positive lon(+),efficiently clean pore,preparing for further skin care 

• Negative lon(-),efficiently penerate eye care cream/essence into skin. 

• Photon Light,Red,increase collagen production,making skin more firm 
and upwarde.

• Photon Light,Blue,efficiently anti-bacterium to reveal fresh and smooth skin.

• High frequence vibration,200 massages to skin per second. 

• Soft vibrating wave,efficiently massage around eye area to improve
blood circulation,and help eye care cream/essence's penetration.
Product Introduction Specs


Unit Weight:42.5g with battery installed

Main Case ABS:with pearl white painting

Settings:Positive lon(+)with Photon(Blue,415nm)and Vibration Negative lon(-)with Photon(Red,660nm)and Vibration

Auto Power off:3 minutes