Sonic Facial Brush SR-02K

Product Summary
• Mushroom cute ID design,extrmely attract to ladies. 

• Skin touch soft silicone coat to make it high end feeling. 

• Clean deeply to remove make-up,oil and day grime,leaving your skin 
intensely cleansed like you've never felt before.

• 2 levels of vibration speed adjustable. 

• Silicone brush can help to activate blood flow and making skin cell more 
active for a less wrinkle.
Product Introduction Specs

Waterproof:IPX4 Material:ABS

Unit Dimension:68.17X68.17X67.14mm

Unit Weight:100g


Material:soft silicone

Charging:1.5-2 hours fast charging(USB cable)

Selectable Accessories:Sensitive brush,Normal brush. Silicone brush,Brush cover